What are you doing here?

Right…so this is where I’ll be writing the reviews of the books I read. God help us all. I tend to have a rather…uhm…varied taste in books. I might re-read some of my favourites just so I can review them in good conscience. I will take suggestions of what to read because I might run out of ideas, so keep them coming. If you suggest a book I hate, I will publicly shame you. Just to help you out, here are a few ground rules on what NOT to suggest:

1. Chick lit. Think “Sex and the City”. Now stop thinking about it before I slap it out of your head.

2. Anything by Stephanie Meyer. No, I don’t care how shiny her vampires are.

3. Biographies. I don’t like them.

4. Overwrought books…you know, the tearjerkers, like “My sister’s keeper”. I’m supposed to enjoy this.

5. Anything you think I’ll hate and you just want to be an ass about it. I will hunt you down.

I’ll try to announce the next book so that you can either read it with me and argue with my review (not that I care what you think) or prepare to skip my next one. OK, then, let’s play.